EnergySavingStovesEastAfrica is a private initiative by Florian Knaus,

a young mechanical engineer from Germany. The main focus is on the health protection of housewives and their children who spend several hours daily in smoky kitchens. With an efficiency of 83% and a fuel saving of more than 60%, the Stoves are also used for the prevention of deforestation, which are a direct factor of global warming.

He founded this project in 2013 in Kitandililo, a small village in the rural ares of the southern highlands in Tanzania. After great success, the project was extended in 2015/16 to other regions in Tanzania and Kenya. The stove technology was improved and adjusted for schools and other establishment.

The projects are led in cooperation with small independent and local development projects. These organizations will receive a one month training for women groups, craftsmen or other interested persons.The training includes a seminar about the health risks of smoke as well as the environmental problems of deforestation. The second step is a practical training for the construction of a clay stove which includes also the handling of the material clay. The final part is the correct handling of the improved cooking stove.

I’m glad about requests which can be addressed to [info@energysavingstoves.org]