Exceeded expectations

The expectations were even exceeded by far. Last monday the new kitchen for the holy dove vocational school could be put into operation. And the performance of the oven has also convinced the last critics and skeptics. Especially the chefs were more than surprised, how fast, hot and economic the stoves are working. The result of the first day was burnt Ugali (maize mash) and overcooked beans. Since the beans take usually 3h nobody had expected, that the beans are done after one hour.

Meanwhile the kitchen team could get used to the new technology and enjoy their new working place. No more smoke that is burning in the eyes and no need to carry and cut tons of firewood every day. One wheelbarrow of firewood is enough to cook for 450 students and a council of 30 staff members. Breakfast, lunch and supper.

Also the students became used to the new food distribution.

Therefore a full success project.

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