1076 – One thousand seventy six

1076 stoves! One thousand seventy six stoves , built in only 6 month. Since my last visit in the highlands of south Tanzania, Julio and his team did an awesome cooperation on the tea plantations of Unilever, where they are growing the world famous Lipton tea.

Unilever sponsored these stoves for around 45 villages, where their tea pickers are living. Up to the end of the year, they plan to build 600 more stoves.

The company therefore can improve the state of health of their employers since the pickers are not exposed to the toxic smoke anymore. By reducing the usage of firewood by 70%, they will have an huge impact on the protection of the natural forests in that area. An average family used around 5 tons of firewood per year. With the new stove technology, they will reduce their need to 1.5 tons. Implementing 1700 stoves means, that 5950 tons of firewood will be saved every year!

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