Last but not least

My final week has passed and I already travelled back to germany. But I want to show you the results of my work and share the adventures and good times I had in Uganda during my last days.

The food distribution is growing

The african framework to build up the chimney is set up

We needed the full weight to fit in the sauce pans and its rings

Also in the big ones

The workstation in the school kitchen is almost ready

Cooking vocational school with 6 small stoves and 3 work stations

Quite least big enough to hide moses. But he’s working there

The support rims were fitted inside the stove and we started to plaster

I was also invited during my last week to spend a great day with the old Bishop Egidio, who is a great man. The following day, father Modest and me were also invited for a game drive safari in the queen elizabeth national park as well as a restorative night in the beautiful MaRafiki lodge of my friend Matthew.

Another day off, spending with the old bishop of Kasese. Lovely and very interestig person

We made a short hike into the forest of the rwenzori

It is amazing into the forest over the river

There is nothing more beautiful than the natural forest

Safari in the Queen Elizabeth National Park

Father Modest, Matthew and me enjoying the game drive

Spotted my first lions

What a beautiful animal

Another one hiding in the shade

View from the Lodge over the channel

The other side is full of wildlife

…plenty of elephant


…father observing the Hippos

…variety of birds

Hippos very close by

And more elephants

we met them again on the way home

Matthew invited me for a night in his beautiful MaRafiki Lodge…

..that’s the view from the shower

After these 2 amazing days I went back to work to test the stoves. When I arrived I saw the smoke coming out of the chimney what gave me big anticipation. When I entered the kitchen I was shocked. Too much smoke came out of the stoves into the kitchen. After hours of researche I figured out, that the way they welded the saucepans, and the big gaps caused by the bad work of the producer of theses pans, made the entire system leaking. No vacuum was produced inside the stoves.

Anyway the solution was already there. The metal doors I made to reduce the airdraft and to safe an higher amount of fuel, seal the whole system enough to take out all the smoke.

Back to work, the chimney is growing

The stoves are burnt

The guys were so inspired and happy about the clean and fast cooking stoves so that they decided to cook for themselves

Plastering all the stations

Looks like a kitchen now

Enough workspace to store all kitchen tools

It’s done

..almost done

Time for a group picture. This is almost the whole team

And some interested students. They never believe that that the stoves are working if they don’t see smoke. Unfortunately most africans have their eyes in their hands (african saying) and that can hurt if it’s hot.

A workstation with sink and stove

They whole house. Quiet big and impressive

Finishing works are done

Also in the cooking school they work on the finishing

More curious students

The last day before I left I wanted to know what the stoves are able to achieve. We filled the left side and filled one 200l saucepan and the second 50l. We light up the fire and measured the time and the amount of firewood we used.

The 50l saucepan boiled after 47min. The 200l saucepan boiled after 1:46h. We used 5 pieces of wood like you can see in the picture below. In total it was less than 10kg to boil 250l with cold stoves. Even after reaching the point of boiling the small saucepan boiled for another 2h and the big one for another hour without adding more firewood. That’s a result I am more than impressed and happy about.

5 pieces of wood like this (around 1m less than 2kg) boiled 250l of water

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