So much progress in such a short time

This little princes is posing on a stove while it is working

Another week passed and we were hard working. It was worthwile because we were able to big progress.
Last saturday we invited for a stove seminar. The plan was to construct 7 small family clay stoves with 18 people. The Ugandans are already aaware about the environmental issues of the traditional cooking place. So finally more than 30 people attended to that seminar. Lucky the hall is big enough so that everybody could join and learn.

More seminar participants than expected

Let’s start working

Everybody is helping

The foundation is set up

The cooking school grows

The biggest seminar so far

The basic form of the energy saving stove

Here built in a double version

Three cooking stations

Two saucepans per stove

Starting to fit the saucepans in

Learning by doing

All the seminar while the bricks outside are burnt for the third day

Almost done

Finalizing a last layer with clay, sand and banana fibers

Banana fibers to strengthen the soil

Three cooking stations at the end of the day

The following monday we started to construct the big stoves for the school kitchen. Step by step they are growing. Within the week also the big and expensive saucepans made by stainless steel arrived from Kampala. I became very disappointed since those saucepans were all bended and not constructed according to my requests. So I had to look for a local craftsman who is able to rework everything according to my need. It’s not easy to build up a project like this, but we have a great team and they are giving everything to finish and to learn.

The principal is from the traditional fireplaces. 3 stones. Here made with fireproof cement

Stones fitted in clay brick foundation

Two more stoves

The team is working hard

The saucepans finally arrive…

But everything is bended and with a bad quality

The second stove grows

Step by step the stove is built up

The burning bricks were ready in the middle of the week

Three stones are holding the saucepan. The sticks will be removed in the end and the holes supply additional air into the fire

The mother of all claystoves

While constructing the stoves, the roof is set up as well. Working safety is not too high in Uganda

I requested a gap on the roof to remove the water steam. After explaining it 3 times and removing their constrcutions twice they hopefully understood what I request

Level by level

The walls around the saucepans

The right have of the whole thing

Four stoves and a tall chimney

What a huge room

Finally the small stoves are fired.

The first stainless chimney is connected to the main chimney

We had some issues with one of the chimney’s outside. The wind from a specific direction produced a high pressure and blow ll smoke inside the house. We will need to set this chimney over the roof

The fired bricks are placed. That looks very nice

Filling up with clay

We found another little helper

Everything needs to be perfect

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