On the finishing line

Another week has passed and we are getting closer to finish the whole kitchen. After telling my team we will have a big BBQ in the end of the week if they finish all work they started to work even harder. We started every day at 8am and worked until 7.30pm! The progress was visible every single day.

The big ovens from the firing side

The smoke recirculation channel

Brick by brick the outter walls ar set

Looks like a stove

First side wallls are done

Both sides walls ready including the metal chimneys

starting to lay the cover bricks

we needed to support the 9m free standing chimney

Work station in the catering and cooking vocational school

Set up for the school kitchen

Set up for work stations and stoves

The chimney is groing higher and higher

small stoves including workstations

What a huge building. Roof is not ready yet

we also have issues with the poor quality of the saucepans. rework is needed

Many diligent hands

Chimney grows more..the african way

Work is done eveywhere

First workstations are used


A plastered cooking island. Two stoves. First mixture of plaster was not working. We needed to remove it and try another mixture

The whole building with the morning sun

Is this a jacuzzi? Sealing the covering

One day of last week I had the chance to visit a parish inside the national park

Daytrip into a parish inside the national park

plenty of hippos there

As promised I organized a big BBQ with a whole pig, a goat and some beer for my team. While I prepared the food, the team went on working very hard

Motivation arrived on friday noon. We slaughtered a pig for them…

…and prepared a traditional bavarian suckling pig.

Saturday morning the walk to the BBQ place

Fire is burning already

They’ve never seen a whole pig turning over a fire

Nevertheless work was going on

while the pig was turning and turnng

Later a goat joined the pig. We had 25 men working hard and being hungry

anticipation is big

Ready for the big meal. 25 craftsmen which worked the last 2 month with me were waiting for their food

Today I had a last chance to hike in the mountains and enjoy the great view over the national park and the beautiful area

Last time hiking in the mountains. Soon I have to go back to germany

3 Gedanken zu „On the finishing line“

  1. Tolles Team in Uganda…..leider hat es in Haiti nicht so gut geklappt…..but that is life……ups and downs…..great job…..keep going…..what’s next?

  2. Lieber Flori,
    ich bin mächtig stolz auf Dich. Super Teamwork. Deine Berichte sind sehr ermutigend.
    Freu mich schon, wenn Du wieder heim kommst.
    Ich wünsche dir ein Holy Spirit Power Pfingstfest und eine gute Reise.

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