Uganda the first…

After a long flight through Brüssel, I arrived safely in Entebbe. Spending one night there, I had another day ride to the Rwenzori region. In Fort Portal I was picked up by Pater Modest, with whom I am working with the next weeks. He is a very interesting and diligent men, who is managing several projects.

I am staying in the parish home close to the Rwenzori mountains.

The area is beautiful, very green and for my luck in the high season for avocado, guyava and several other fruits.

Today I had the chance to see old and the future kitchen and to talk to the chefs.

We will have to construct 3 stoves of 200l, one stove 50l and 5 small stoves which are usually for the family use. All these within the next 5 weeks. A lot of work coming but not impossible.

For the rest of the day, I had the chance to join the pater for a mass very close to the border to Kongo. I used the time to look around and found great fellows. A group of around 20 children. So we went to a spontaneous hike.

And secretly crossed the border to Kongo to step the land for a second…

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