Time is relative…

I can say I attained in the Kasese District in Uganda and settled in very well. Its a green paradise with plenty of great tasting fruits.

After a very busy weekend especially for my project partner Father Modest (3 weddings on saturday and a 7h youth mass with the bishop attending in the church next door), we finally could start with our big project.

Youth mass with the bishop

First of three weddings

I used the weekend primarily to do most of my plannings, drawings and calculations.

The stainless steel pots with a lid and a rim fitted into the clay stove

First design of the kitchen building with a cleaning kitchen inside

Final design of the kitchen. Right side the new school kitchen for 450 pupils and more. Left side the classroom for the cooking school

But I also found some time to escape from all the hustle and bustle to explore those wonderful mountains behind the house.

View over the Kasese district

That’s were I live

Found a school on top of the mountain. What a panorama from the classroom

Inexpensive view to the queen elizabeth national park from a living room

Yesterday I had the time to sit down with the schools cooking team to discuss my suggestions for the new kitchen. They seemed to be very happy about. Especially about the fact that they will work in a smokeless kitchen in the future and will safe a lot of time due to the new technology.

Today I had a meeting with the construction manager of the new kitchen building. Before I arrived here, the building was supposed to be ready. When I have been there last week they told me, that the roof will be done by today. Today they told me that the roof and the floor will be finished by the end of next week. Time is relative here and people don’t like to be pressured. TIA (this is Africa). At least it gives me time to organize all the different materials, to change the new building according to my wishes and I can use the time to start with my enlightenment seminar about the risk of the traditional cooking.

Some upper walls are missing as well as the concrete floor

It’s hot in the sun – he needs to rest. Time is relative.

The new kitchen building today in the morning

I ordered bricks for a 7m tall chimney. They arrived 15min later. Couldn’t believe it.

Rough but fast unloading of the bricks

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