New Country new chance

Today I went on the way to a new project it a country I haven’t been yet. Uganda.

My flight will leave tomorrow from Munich to Kampala where Pastor Modesto will pick me up. I am invited to that region by an german/austrian association called “Rwenzori e.V” ( which is running a development project in the Rwenzori area in Uganda (close to the border to Kongo).

One of their projects is a secondary school as well as an agriculture school. In total 450 pupils are studying in these schools.

For all these a new kitchen is needed. I will construct 2 big stoves as well as one small stove, to supply food to all the pupils. Additionally we are planning to build a kitchen for a housekeeping school, where 3 additional small stoves will be constructed.

A lot of work is waiting for me and I will keep you updated…

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