Time is running

Two weeks are already over. Two weeks we were able to finalize a lot, but there are still some main parts missing. In Haiti it is not really that easy to find the required materials. If you find them the quality is often very low.

The last week i spent with organizing, searching and finding materials for the chimney, the so called scrapper and the hot plated. For these chimney parts I needed galvanized steel for the hot plates ideally cast iron or aluminum alloy. After several days of searching and barging, my welder found some galvanized sheets. Finally i got them for a quite high price but with many scratches. So I hope they will work and do what they are supposed to do.
The cooking plates are still not made. Cast iron is impossible to get and the aluminum is unbelievable expensive. I will receive them hopefully within this week.

Nevertheless, Thursday      I received the galvanized steel plates and we started directly to cut the parts.
Next issue, there was no electricity. Also the generator was not working. My craftsman started to cut with a chisel, damaging the galvanized protection layer. So I stopped him and we decided to go on the next morning.

The next morning, we could start to weld the scrapper. A part which is supposed to cool down the smoke and take out some particles, to clean that smoke.

Tomorrow we will hopefully finalize the 9m tall chimney in order to set it up during the coming week.
Then we will only miss some small metal parts and the oil-water-supply system in order to start our testing.

It is still a long way to go, but the target is conceivable….
Again I want to share some impressions of the “waste management” in Port-au-prince:

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