First week

After the first week we were able to do most of the masoning works on our way to finalize the construction of the incinerator cooker.

To place a final layer of a fire- and heat proof cement on top of the stove, some fires clay bricks were necessary. Something you won’t find in Port-au-prince. Maybe somewhere in the province, but that would have been additional high transport cost. So I decided to build my own small “brick tunnel” to fire some of the leftover bricks.

These fired bricks are smashed after the burning process and mixed in equal parts with sand, limestone and cement. Limestone was another challenge to find within the capital. We finally found a bag at a welder store.

After all materials were found, we could prepare the heat resistant cement to seal the cooking stove.

Last week, I also had some time to drive to a company on the other side of Port-au-prince. This company is buying PET bottles, other plastics and all kind of metals. Therefore a great chance to earn money from the rubbish and to reduce the amount of plastic we have to burn in the stove. The only thing we are struggling right now, is the transport through the whole city, but there will be a way.

Anyway, every day I’m working on the construction side and looking into the small valley behind that compound, I am remembered why I am doing this and that an incinerator is urgently needed.

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