Bread and Pizza stove for the Massai

After more then a year I was visiting my friends from “Help for the massai” again in Arusha.

During my visit 2016 in their project area of Malambo, the home of the Tanzanian Massai, one of their volunteers constructed a bread baking and Pizza stove, according to my instructions and guidance. He did a great job and succeeded to set up that stove.

The only issue was the clay material. Malambo has only very poor clay, which has a very high amount of sand. That leads to a construction material which becomes weak especially while heating it. For that reason, the stove was on the verge of collapsing and baking was simply not possible anymore.

To save time and for the simple reason that a flight to that rural area is cheaper than to drive (the tanzanian government is charging 70US$ just for passing the Ngorongoro crater on the upper edge, without even entering the park), we were flying to Malambo with the medical service.

Since I didn’t have too much time, we had to start the renovation works directly after arriving. THere was a lot to do, but the guys in the village did a great preparation.


After three days of work the stove came out totally renewed and almost ready to be used

On the way back to arusha, I had the probably most amazing flight in my life. Flying around 20m above the ground looking at zebras, wildebeest, giraffes and plenty of other animals, rising up to around 3000ft. to fly next to Ol donyo lengai, the holy mountain of the massai in a breathtaking scenery.


Thanks TZ, looking forward to see you soon again

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