Unexpectedly often comes

A future quality engineer

The last week started with an unexpected party for my 30th birthday. Father Modest organized a small party with some priests living close by as well as some nuns. While I had the honor to help to slaughter a goat they prepared a big dinner for me. I insisted that at least a part of that goat will be roasted over the fire and not as usual fried in hot oil. We had a great evening and a lot of delicious food.

My birthday goat

There are no butchers shops, so you have to do it yourself

Nice fire and goat on the stick, not the african way but even better

Best party crew ever

Father Modest, Reste and the nuns from the neighborhood

What a nice surprise

Despite the party of course we were working every day in order to make some efforts to come closer to our target. We finished all bricks in the beginning of the week and turn the bricks every day so that they dry faster. In total we prepared around 3000 bricks for all 11 stoves.

Bricks preparing area..3 different kind of soils

Bricks drying place, turning them everyday to dry faster

The same time we went everyday to the Holy dove School in order to follow up the constructions and preparations for the kitchen building. I gave advice to the masons how to build the foundations for the small cooking stoves and their chimneys. Additionally we started to construct the 7m tall chimney for the big stoves.I am more than happy with the work those guys are doing. They are very initiative, understand what I want and deliver a very good result.

The base for the high chimney

Foundations for the cooking stations of the cooking school

Foundations growing

Every helper counts

Are you doing right?

Small chimneys for the small stoves

Finished foundations for the small cooking stoves

We also went to a welders shop in order to produce metal doors for all our stoves. I’m always surprised about the techniques they are using, and even more about the products they make.

Welding the frame

The “electrode” of the welder…it is working

Not bad

During the week, we were bargaining also with a company in order to produce our sauce pans made by stainless steel. There were plenty of delays till we got our final offer. It was unexpected high so that we had to evaluate also some opportunities to order from Kenya or Tanzania. In the end, the company from Uganda got the job and we are trying to lower the price a bit. The only issue for this is that the construction of these metal parts will take us up to 2 weeks. 2 weeks I could only sit around waiting for those parts.

Therefore we decided, that I will travel spontaneously to my next job in Tansania, which should have been following after Uganda. Saturday morning 4am, I left Uganda to go to Iringa in Tansania to support my masons I trained the last years, with a big project to supply a big amount of energy saving stoves for the tea plantations of Unilever/Lipton Icetea. I will stay here 2 weeks before I return back to Uganda. Therefore I will report the next two weeks from my work in Tansania…

Seen on my way to Entebbe

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