Charcoal Stove

Before christmas last year, I have been for a week in Arusha at the organisation “Help for the massai”. They asked me to help them to find a solution, to lower their costs for cooking. As I figured out in Haiti some month before, the clay stove I am usually constructing is not made to be heated with charcoal.

I made a research for any NGOs in the north of Tanzania, where we could find a metal stove for the use of charcoal. But nothing suitable is available. So I decided to design my own one in the computer to pass the drawings to a welder there.

Last week, I finally received the pictures of that stove. It looks great and I’m sure it will work even better, helping them to safe money while cooking.

Additionally, we found a supplier who is producing special charcoals made from charcoal powder and binder. They are pressed and also cheaper than the fuel they usually get.

I’m curious for the savings they can do with this change. We will figure it out the next months.

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